Ritviz: Super-Club Season Tour 2023

Ritviz: Super-Club Season Tour 2023

Ritviz Srivastava, the maestro of fusion music, is all set to mesmerize fans with his electrifying performances in Bangalore and Pune. With a stellar career spanning several years, Ritviz has become a household name in the Indian music industry. His signature blend of Indian classical music and electronic beats has earned him a dedicated fan base worldwide. Get ready to groove to the tunes of Ritviz as he embarks on his Super-Club Season Tour in 2023!

Ritviz’s Journey to Stardom Ritviz, known for his real name as Ritviz Srivastava, is not just a singer but also a talented composer and music producer. He rose to prominence with his chartbuster track “Udd Gaye,” released in 2017, which quickly became a viral sensation. His music is a refreshing blend of traditional Indian melodies and contemporary electronic elements, making it a unique and addictive experience for music enthusiasts.

The Super-Club Season Tour: Unmissable Dates

Mark your calendars for two epic nights of music and celebration:

1. Pune – 30th September 2023, 7:30 PM Venue: Ballr, Pune

2. Bengaluru – 21st October 2023, 9:00 PM Venue: Sunburn Union, Bengaluru

3. Goa- 28th October 2023, 9:00 PM Venue: Artistry Goa, Goa

4. Hyderabad – 29th October 2023, 9:30 PM Venue: Artistry Hyderabad, Hyderabad

These dates promise to be unforgettable as Ritviz takes the stage to deliver electrifying performances that will leave you dancing and singing along.

Why You Shouldn’t Miss Ritviz Live

Musical Fusion: Ritviz’s distinctive style seamlessly merges classical Indian music with pulsating electronic beats. It’s a fusion that appeals to a wide range of music lovers, transcending genre boundaries.

Hit Tracks: From “Udd Gaye” to “Jeet,” Ritviz’s discography is filled with chart-toppers that have garnered millions of views and streams on various platforms. Experience these hits live and in full glory.

High-Energy Performances: Ritviz is known for his energy-packed live shows that have a reputation for leaving audiences euphoric. His stage presence is magnetic, and his connection with the crowd is unparalleled.

A Night to Remember: The Super-Club Season Tour promises an immersive audiovisual experience with stunning visuals and top-notch sound production, making it a night to remember.

How to Secure Your Tickets Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to witness Ritviz’s magic live in concert. Book your tickets now through the official ticketing platform MyFirstEvent. Be sure to check for ticket availability and grab your spot before they sell out.

Ritviz’s Super-Club Season Tour is a testament to his remarkable journey in the music industry. His ability to seamlessly blend tradition with innovation has earned him a special place in the hearts of music enthusiasts. So, whether you’re a die-hard fan or someone looking to experience something truly unique, make sure to catch Ritviz live in Bangalore and Pune. It’s a musical journey you won’t want to miss!

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