PULSE 2023 x AIIMS College Festival: South Asia’s Grand Med Fest

PULSE 2023 x AIIMS College Festival: South Asia’s Grand Med Fest

Are you ready for an experience like no other? South Asia’s largest med fest is back, and it’s bigger and better than ever! PULSE 2023, hosted by AIIMS Delhi, promises a week-long extravaganza that will leave you amazed, enlightened, and entertained. From September 16th to September 22nd, immerse yourself in the world of medicine, art, and culture at Ansari Nagar, Delhi.

Delegate Card: Your Passport to PULSE 2023

The delegate card is your golden ticket to PULSE 2023. This special card grants you access to a multitude of significant events, including the highly anticipated nights throughout the week. As a delegate, you’ll have the unique opportunity to celebrate India’s G20 Presidency through interactive events organized in collaboration with G20’s official Engagement Groups during PULSE’23.

But that’s not all! Your delegate card also opens doors to a wide array of fun-filled informal events, from speed dating to various engaging activities. To obtain your delegate card, make sure you have your BR Card, and if you don’t already possess one, you can register for it conveniently on the PULSE app. Remember, without the BR Card, your delegate card registration will not be valid, so be sure to complete this essential step.

Venue: Ansari Nagar – Where the Magic Unfolds

Ansari Nagar, Block C 1, Ansari Nagar East, New Delhi, Delhi 110029, India, is where the magic of PULSE 2023 will unfold. With its spacious and vibrant surroundings, this venue is the perfect backdrop for a festival of this magnitude. Prepare to be enchanted by the energy, the people, and the experiences that Ansari Nagar has to offer.

PULSE 2023 x AIIMS College Festival promises an unforgettable week filled with knowledge, culture, and entertainment. Secure your delegate card today, mark your calendar, and get ready for a week you’ll cherish for a lifetime. We can’t wait to welcome you to Ansari Nagar and make this festival a monumental success!

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