Mika Singh to Set Noida Stage Ablaze with His Electrifying Performance at Sutra Gastropub on April 26, 2024

Mika Singh to Set Noida Stage

Prepare to immerse yourself in a musical spectacle like no other as the legendary Mika Singh takes center stage at Sutra Gastropub in Noida on April 26, 2024, at 7 PM. With his unparalleled energy and a repertoire of chart-topping hits, Mika Singh promises an evening of pure entertainment and infectious beats that will resonate with fans of Hindi and Punjabi music alike.

Mika Singh, the acclaimed Indian singer and rapper, renowned for his dynamic performances and catchy tunes, is all set to captivate the audience with his signature style. From foot-tapping tracks like “Bas Ek King”, “Mauja Hi Mauja”, “Ibn-e-Batuta”, to the irresistibly catchy “Dhanno”, Mika Singh’s discography boasts an array of hits that have dominated the charts and become anthems of celebration.

In addition to his solo endeavors, Mika Singh has made waves in the music industry with his collaborations and appearances on various reality shows. His versatility as an artist and his ability to connect with audiences on a profound level have cemented his status as one of India’s most beloved entertainers.

This musical extravaganza promises an evening filled with pulsating rhythms and soulful melodies that will leave attendees spellbound. Mika Singh’s live performances are renowned for their high-octane energy and electrifying atmosphere, making each show a memorable experience for music lovers of all ages.

One highlight of the event will be the live rendition of “Sawan Main Lag Gayi Aag,” a chart-topper that has been given a fresh twist with a remix by the U.S.-based singer Pinky Paras. This collaboration adds an exciting dimension to Mika Singh’s performance, showcasing his ability to reinvent classics and keep his audience on their toes.

Tickets for Mika Singh Live in Noida are available starting from Rs. 2000 onwards, offering fans the opportunity to secure their spot at what promises to be a night to remember. To book your tickets online, visit and secure your place at this sensational event.

Don’t miss out on the chance to witness Mika Singh’s electrifying performance at Sutra Gastropub on April 26, 2024, at 7 PM. Get ready to groove to the beats and lose yourself in the magic of his music as he delivers a one-of-a-kind experience that will leave you craving for more.

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