Hansraj Raghuwanshi at Shri Shyam Annual Festival in Panipat


Are you ready for a musical journey that transcends boundaries and touches your soul? Get ready to be enchanted by the ethereal tunes of Hansraj Raghuwanshi, an acclaimed Indian singer, music composer, and writer known for his devotional songs. On the 18th of November 2023, the inaugural Shri Shyam Annual Festival in Panipat, Haryana, is set to come alive with the magic of Hansraj Raghuwanshi’s live concert.

About Hansraj Raghuwanshi: Hansraj Raghuwanshi rose to prominence in 2019 with his viral hit “Mera Bhola Hai Bhandari,” which captivated audiences across social media platforms. His soul-stirring voice and devotion to his craft have made him a household name in the world of devotional music. Hansraj Raghuwanshi’s foray into Bollywood with the song “Aadha Bhi Zyaada” in the film ‘Pal Pal Dil Ke Pass,’ directed by Sunny Deol, further solidified his status as a musical sensation.

As we gather to celebrate the first-year anniversary of the Shri Shyam Annual Festival in Panipat, Haryana, there couldn’t be a more perfect occasion to experience the divine and mesmerizing melodies of Hansraj Raghuwanshi. The HUDA Ground in Sector 25 will be transformed into a musical haven for devotees and music enthusiasts alike.


What to Expect at the Concert:

Divine Devotional Songs: Hansraj Raghuwanshi is renowned for his devotional songs that instill a sense of spirituality and reverence in the hearts of his listeners. You can expect to be moved by his renditions of bhajans and devotional compositions.

Soulful Melodies: The concert promises to deliver a soulful musical experience that transcends language and culture. Hansraj Raghuwanshi’s voice has the power to transport you to a higher realm.

Magical Atmosphere: The Shri Shyam Annual Festival’s first-year celebration will create an enchanting atmosphere that complements the spiritual journey you’ll embark upon during the concert.

Cultural Connection: Immerse yourself in the rich and diverse culture of Haryana as you come together with fellow music enthusiasts and devotees.

The Shri Shyam Annual Festival’s first-year celebration featuring Hansraj Raghuwanshi promises to be a landmark event in Panipat, Haryana. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to be a part of a mesmerizing evening filled with devotion, music, and culture.

Come, be a part of this divine musical experience, and let Hansraj Raghuwanshi’s enchanting tunes transport you to a world of spirituality and bliss. We look forward to seeing you at the HUDA Ground in Sector 25, Panipat, on the 18th of November 2023, for an evening you’ll cherish forever.

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