Amit Trivedi Live in Mumbai: A Musical Journey with “Indradhanush – Colours of Life”

Amit Trivedi Live in Mumbai Indradhanush - Colours of Life

MUMBAI, July 14 – For the first time in Mumbai, music lovers are in for a treat. The renowned music composer Amit Trivedi is set to perform live at NESCO Hall 4. The concert, titled “Indradhanush – Colours of Life,” promises to be a unique and vibrant experience. The show will start at 7 PM and will run for three hours.

Amit Trivedi is known for his soulful and diverse music. His compositions have touched the hearts of millions. Now, he brings a special theme to his live performance. “Indradhanush” means rainbow in Hindi, and the concert is designed to take the audience on a musical journey through different emotions. Each color of the rainbow represents a powerful emotion like love, joy, hope, and more. Amit Trivedi has carefully selected songs that capture the essence of each emotion.

The concert is not just about music. It’s a full sensory experience. The show will feature stunning visuals and lights that change with the mood of each song. There will be storytelling segments that add depth to the performance. This blend of music, visuals, and stories will create an unforgettable atmosphere.

Amit Trivedi’s playlist for the night will include his most popular songs. Fans can expect to hear hits like “Namo Namo,” “Love You Zindagi,” “Iktara,” and many more. Each song will be chosen to match the emotion of a particular color. This thoughtful curation will make the concert a beautiful journey through life’s many shades.

“Indradhanush – Colours of Life” is more than just a concert. It is a celebration of life’s rich tapestry. The event aims to touch the hearts of everyone present, making them feel a range of emotions through music. It’s an opportunity to see Amit Trivedi’s musical genius come alive on stage.

Tickets for the concert are available starting at ₹1000. Considering the uniqueness of the event, tickets are expected to sell out quickly. Music enthusiasts in Mumbai should not miss this chance to witness an extraordinary live performance.


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